The home Garden Kits will include: $35 for the planted seedling kit, which includes access to online help with Gardener Julie Karanfilis on how to have a successful growing season, planting tips, etc. 


4 Broccolli plants

4 Celery plants

4 Italian eggplants

4 Green lettuce plants

4 Romaine lettuce plants

4 Sweet red bell peppers plants

4 Swiss chard - bright lights variety plants 

4 Bush Beef Tomatoes plants

4 Tiny Tim Tomatoes plants

4 White onion plants


This Kit requires approximately a 20x20 garden space of garden soil, or patio planters
Perfect for a city-garden, patio pots, or splitting with another gardner. 

Home Veggie Garden Kit

  • All items must be picked up from 310 Scott St on Saturday, May 8, 2021.  Watch your email for a schedule for your contactless pick up time.