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Ron Wickens


Welcome to Calvary Christian School


Calvary Christian School is an independent, interdenominational and nonprofit charity.  We provide a Christ centered education using dedicated, caring, and qualified teachers. Teaching and training Christ-like character is the core of Calvary Christian School. 


Our focus at Calvary Christian School include:

  • We have high academic standards in a traditional classroom setting. 

  • We have a tutoring program for learning challenged and gifted students. 

  • We offer small class sizes that allow the teachers to get to know each student and their needs individually. 

  • We have a new gymnasium and completed outdoor playground and playing field. 

  • We train our students to be inclusive and kind.

  • We offer all-inclusive intramural programs for grades 5 to 8.

  • We produce an all-school Christmas drama production with the birth of Jesus as the focus.

  • We train our older students to lead and set an example for our younger students.

  • Our tuition is affordable (multi-children discount for families).   


Calvary is a safe, nurturing and disciplined environment.  We do not tolerate bullying, teasing, sarcasm, inappropriate language or bad attitudes.  We have a uniform and dress code to allow students to all be on a level playing field when they enter this school.  We use our “Kindness Club” to reinforce that it is “Cool to be Kind” and to create a good habit in “helping others”.


Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten Program is a three full day program (with an optional 4 and/or 5 day program).  We also offer limited spaces for a Pre-Kindergarten Program to qualified three year olds.  A half day option is available in our 3 year old program.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the conviction that God’s truth is the basis of all genuine learning. Every subject falls within a Christian perspective.


Calvary Christian School is concerned not only with the student’s scholastic or academic performance, but also recognizes the priority of spiritual growth for each student. 

Our History

Established in 1981, Calvary Christian School is an independent, interdenominational, pre-kindergarten to grade eight, elementary school. We also have a program for learning challenged and gifted students. We are a registered charity as a non-profit organization and are recognized as a private school by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  

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