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School Highlights


  • God's Word and a personal relationship with Christ as the central theme of the school

  • Teaching students to engage their culture with a Biblical Worldview 

  • Strong focus on a team approach for staff and parents, with collaboration and support

  • Strong emphasis on teaching, practising, and training

  • Agreement on expectations and requirements for the entire school

  • Kind, caring, supportive, dedicated, and qualified staff

  • Significant emphasis on character training and establishing good habits

  • Special focus on supporting children with exceptionalities in academics, school skills, social skills, and life skills

  • Weekly chapels for supporting spiritual worship, growth, and training

  • Kindness Club, recognizing "random acts of kindness", to encourage helping others

  • Emphasis on good sportsmanship following our motto, "Win humbly - Lose graciously"

  • Strong emphasis on Professional Development for staff

  • Focus on missions and community outreach

  • Student communication books for shared information with parents/guardians

  • Strong partnership with parents/guardians

  • Striving to meet and exceed the curriculum requirements of the Province of Ontario and the Ministry of Education.

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Contact the School Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm


You can also request more information with this form:

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