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Kindergarten Options


This program is for qualified 3 year olds (must be three by September 1 and be toilet trained).  This program introduces school and helps these children to be school-ready. 


Full Day Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten Program offers its core program every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is a full-day program that offers a “quiet time” in the early afternoon and also allows for movement for our young students with a short attention span.


Optional 4 and 5 Day Kindergarten

For those parents who need to work or needs child care on Tuesday and Thursday’s, we offer an optional 4 or 5 day.  These two days offer supplemental teaching of the themes that are being taught during the core days.

Open House Everyday!


Come for a tour …

Sit in on a class ….

Have your child visit for a day!


Supporting Churches
Over the past few years, God habeen challenging us in the area of meeting the needs of children with exceptionalities, learning disabilities, and gifted abilities.  We have been taking courses, researching strategies and techniques, and creating specific plans and programs to meet the needs of all of God's treasures.
We have been taking what we have learned into the community.  Our desire is to support children beyond the walls of our school.  Our first step in this has been to offer training workshops to individuals who are working with children in churches.  Our goal is to see the local church equipped to meet the needs of children with exceptionalities within their regular children's programs. During these workshops our focus has been to provide the following: background information about specific exceptionalities, hands-on activities that allow teachers to experience the characteristics of these exceptionalities, and strategies and support to enable teachers to create an environment that minimizes frustration and maximizes learning and fun for all children and their leaders.  Children's ministry leaders and their volunteers have been invited to attend these workshops at our school, and we have also gone out to churches who have requested this. 
In addition to the workshops, we have been available to offer ongoing support and answers to specific questions through phone calls and emails.  It has been wonderful to partner with churches in this new way.We are very excited about the opportunity that we have been given to support churches in the work that they are doing.  We have offered these workshops at no cost to participants and churches so that we can bless others with the training with which we have been blessed. It is our hope and desire that many children will benefit from the information and support that we are able to provide.  The goal is for children to hear the Gospel, understand the love that God has for them, and find within the Church a place where they belong, a place where all of God's children can learn and grow.
Supporting Homeschool

A selection of courses is offered to home school families to enhance the home education experience. Courses include art, music, physical education and French. We also offer an option of a ½ day afternoon program. For information on rates and availability, please contact the school office.

Intramurals Program

This optional program is for students from grade 5 - grade 8.  This teacher supervised program allows students in be involved in different sports throughout the school after school on Tuesday’s and/or Thursday’s.

Emphasis on Family Unity


Kindness Club - This program encourages students to be kind to each other.  Staff members “catch” students doing kind things to someone else and then is recognized with a kindness certificate at weekly chapel.  Acts of kindness are posted in a central hallway.


Unity Teams - This program puts students into teams.  Each team is made up of students of every age and grade.  The teams get to compete against other teams.  This program encourages our older students to be leaders, encourages teamwork, and for older students to get to know younger students.

Christmas Presentation


Every year, Calvary Christian School presents the true meaning of Christmas through a musical.  The community is invited to the evening presentation.  This allows students the opportunity to participate through drama, singing, and production. 

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