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Ron Wickens


Mr. Ron Wickens has been involved at Calvary Christian School since 1996.  As a parent, school board member, and now in his current position as administrator/principal since 2000, he has experience from many different perspectives.  Along with his extensive administrative background, Ron has completed the Association of Christian Schools’ Principal's course, as well as, many workshops, courses, and seminars relating to Christian education.  Ron sees Calvary Christian School as a ministry, partnering with parents/guardians in the spiritual formation of their children.  He believes it is a privilege to speak into the lives of the students.  His passion is training the tender hearts of the students with good character qualities, positive habits, and rooting them well in God's Word.  It is Ron's desire to meet the needs of all of God's treasures through the development of Calvary's special education programs.  Ron also serves on the Board of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) for eastern Canada.

Donna Jo Hewitt

Pre Kindergarten/Junior Kindergarten, Vice Principal

Mrs. Donna Jo Hewitt has been a part of the teaching staff at Calvary Christian School since 2001.  Currently, she is Vice Principal, lead teacher responsible for Kindergarten, and Calvary's coordinator for Plan to Protect. Donna Jo has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has completed additional qualifications courses in the area of Early Childhood Administration and Autism. She has completed Level 1 and Level 2 courses toward her Special Education Specialist designation.  She is passionate about teaching and training children to be all they are were created to be.  Donna Jo is part of the Special Education Team at Calvary Christian School, and focuses on early identification, intervention, program planning, and the development and implementation of Individual Education Plans.  Donna Jo is actively involved in presenting workshops in schools, churches, community settings, and Christian school conferences.  Donna Jo is committed to helping teachers, educators, ministry leaders, and volunteers successfully meet the needs of all children.


Rachel Bartley

Senior Kindergarten

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Program

Mrs. Rachel Bartley graduated from Redeemer University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 2017.  She has since enjoyed working as the Educational Assistant in Calvary Christian School’s Senior Kindergarten classroom and is excited to step into her new role as the Senior Kindergarten teacher for the 2021/2022 school year.  Having attended Calvary as a student, Rachel has been very pleased to return as a member of the staff.  Her greatest desire is to walk alongside her students, encouraging and strengthening them both academically and spiritually.



Tracy Willms

Educational Assistant for JK and Pre Kindergarten

Mrs. Tracy Willms graduated from Niagara College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education.  She has been working with children for over two and a half decades and has been part of the Calvary Christian School staff, working as an Educational Assistant in the Kindergarten classroom since 2003.  Tracy appreciates all CCS has to offer; the partnership with parents to help children be successful, teaching children Biblical truths and doing all with the love of Christ.


Madeleine MacDonald

Senior Kindergarten 

Tuesday and Thursday Program

Mrs. Madeleine MacDonald graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education Primary/Junior Qualification - Concurrent Education.  After graduating from Brock in 2017, she was an Art Camp Counselor and taught English as a second language at Niagara Christian Collegiate during July and August 2017.  She has also been a literacy camp counselor and a private and volunteer tutor.  She attends Niagara Community Church and her heart is for her students to grow in their faith and knowledge of their Lord and Saviour. 


Danielle 1.jpg

Danielle Latchman

Educational Assistant for Kindergarten 

Mrs. Danielle Latchman graduated from York University Glendon College with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in French studies and a certificate of Bilingualism in 2017.  For three years, Danielle did missions work in Paris, France and now finds herself being drawn to the education field in Canada.  She loves working with children and is excited to have joined the team for the 2021/2022 school year in the Senior Kindergarten classroom.  Her greatest desire is to show students how loved and valued they are by God no matter their gifts, talents, and abilities and to show them how personal and awesome our God really is. 

T. Miloud.jpg

Tina Miloud

Grade 1

Mrs. Tina Miloud earned her Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Faithway Baptist College of Canada.  She also earned a Teacher's Practitioner Certificate from the Association of Christian Schools International.  She joined the staff of Calvary Christian School in 2002.  Instilling a love for learning is a high priority for Tina.  She attended Christian school for many of her elementary and secondary education years and feels blessed to offer her students an education that is based on the principals found in God's Word.  Tina loves to teach and is thankful each day for the opportunity to partner with parents/care-givers for their child's education.

Alyssa Martens

Grade 2

Tutoring Math Learning Resource Teacher

Miss Alyssa Martens graduated from Brock University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education in 2013.  She joined the staff at Calvary Christian School in 2014.  Alyssa was thrilled to join the tutoring program at Calvary Christian School in 2016.  In 2020, she transitioned into teaching our Grade 2 class.  She continues to serve as part of our tutoring program by teaching math to our senior students.  Alyssa attended a Christian school for her elementary and secondary education.  She attends Jubilee Community Church where she is a Sunday School teacher, worship leader, and involved with their youth program. It has been her heart's desire to serve in a Christian school and help train the next generation.

Beth McLeod

Grade 3

Kaitlyn MacDougall

Grade 4

Kaitlyn (2).jpg

Mrs. Beth McLeod earned her Bachelor of Arts (Child and Youth Studies) and her Bachelor of Education at Brock University.  She has been teaching at CCS since 2008.  Beth considers her job a great privilege, especially because she is able to help her students recognize the signature of their Creator across all subject areas.  She enjoys helping her students to be creative, to take pride in hard work, and to think critically about what they see and hear in the world around them.

Mrs. Kaitlyn MacDougall graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Sciences and a Bachelor of Education Junior/Intermediate Qualification - Science Teachable.  Throughout her education, Kaitlyn was involved in educational programs and camps at Agape Valley Bible Camp and Ball's Falls Outdoor Education programs.  She has experience tutoring students online and in-person in subjects such as Math and Language.  Kaitlyn attends Brockview Bible Chapel where she and her husband are involved in children's and youth ministries.  She joined the Calvary team for the 2020/2021 school year.  She teaches with a sincere heart and desires to see her students learn and grow both academically and spiritually. 

Emily1 (3).jpg

Emily Kerins

Grade 5

Miss Emily Kerins graduated from Whitworth University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education (Kindergarten- Grade 8).  She also graduated from Ball State University, where she earned a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Gifted Education.  This is her eighth year teaching but joined the Calvary Christian School team in 2022-2023.  She calls Central Community Church her home church.  Emily is passionate about Christian education and helping students find their full potential through a Christian perspective.  She is committed to provide learning experiences that promote life-long learning and equip children for a life of serving Christ. 

Jim Groff

Grade 6 


Mr. Jim Groff earned his Bachelor of Physical Education at Brock University, and his Bachelor of Education at Queen's University.  He began supply teaching at Calvary in 2010 and has since taught Grades 3, 3/4, Grade 5 core subjects, Grade 6 and has supported in the Tutoring Program.  Jim is grateful for the opportunity he has been given to teach students from a Biblical worldview as well as to teach apologetics to our Grade 5 - 8 classes.  Prior to coming to Calvary, he taught for 12 years at Burlington Christian Academy. 

E. Miloud.JPG

Evelyn Miloud

Grade 7

Senior French

Copy of Untitled drawing.jpg

Nadia Reyes

Grade 8

Miss Evelyn Miloud graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Intermediate/Senior Education with the teachable subjects of mathematics and French as a second language. As an alumna of Calvary, she is excited to be returning as a member of staff.  Evelyn believes that every student can find their own success, and that their value and identity as a student is not solely dependent on grades. Rather, she believes it is reflected in their attitude towards learning and growth, their willingness to put in effort and persevere, their openness to learning from mistakes, their collaborative and respectful interactions with others, and is most importantly rooted in Christ.  Evelyn looks forward to encouraging students in building these traits and guiding them on their academic and spiritual journeys.

Miss Nadia Reyes is the Grade Eight teacher at Calvary Christian School.  She has taught at CCS since 2001.  She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Brock University.  During her first year, Nadia taught Grade One and Two, but in 2003 she began teaching Grade Seven and Eight.  Nadia has a heart for missions and has been involved in summer mission trips over the last decade, spreading God's message of salvation throughout Canada, the United States, England, and Mexico.  Nadia believes that as Christians, we have been called to spread the Good News of salvation in whatever field of service we are in.

Ann-Marie Johnson

Tutoring Learning Resource Teacher

Michele Koch

Tutoring Learning Resource Teacher

Mrs. Ann-Marie Johnson graduated from Brock University in 1994 with a Music Degree.  She has completed her Masters of Science in Education Degree, specializing in Special Education.  Ann-Marie has worked at Calvary since 2008 and is currently a Learning Resource Teacher in the Tutoring classroom. 
Ann-Marie finds it very rewarding to be able to experience the positive and successful transformations within the lives of the young children she teaches.  Ann-Marie firmly believes that God has a special plan for each child and feels blessed to be an instrument used by Him in helping to equip and prepare them.

Mrs. Michele Koch graduated from Brock University with her Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Music Education.  She loves children and teaching and most importantly, sharing the Good News of the gospel and the love of Jesus to everyone around her.  Michele felt a strong immediate connection with the ministry being done at CCS when she began in the Fall of 2018.  She is extremely passionate about her role at the school, especially the privilege of working in a Christ centered environment. 

Suzie 1.jpg

Suzie Nickel

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Suzie Nickel is a part-time Educational Assistant in the Tutoring program and classrooms as needed.  Mrs. Nickel joined the Calvary Christian School team in 2019.  Mrs. Nickel has worked as a support worker for Bethesda and Hannah House and has been employed as the Children’s Ministry Director at her church.  She attended Briarcrest Bible College where she earned a degree in Bachelor of Religious Studies.

Coreen Galenkamp


Mrs. Coreen Galenkamp has been employed at Calvary Christian School since 2004 as a secretary/bookkeeper.  She earned a diploma in Business Administration – Information Systems from Niagara College.  Coreen enjoys the variety of her work - it is never boring!  Since, in many cases, Coreen is the first contact at the school office for families and students, her role is to reflect the respect, kindness, and care of the school.  She is always available to support the teachers and families in any way she can.  Coreen feels blessed to work with the teaching staff in this ministry and to participate as young lives are transformed.


Becky McKeown

Office Support

Mrs. Becky McKeown is a part-time office support staff.  Mrs. McKeown joined the Calvary Christian School team in 2020.  She attended Niagara College for Business Administration - Marketing. Mrs. McKeown worked in office administration for over 12 years prior to coming to Calvary.  She is honoured to be able to serve alongside the wonderful staff at Calvary Christian School.

S. McIntee.jpg

Somer McIntee


Mrs. Somer McIntee has been employed at Calvary Christian School since 2018.  Somer has a passion for Christian Education.  One of her children attends Calvary Christian School and one has graduated from Calvary Christian School.  Somer’s heart to serve has been very evident in her daily work and interactions with staff and students.   We are thankful that God is using Somer’s giftings and talents to bless Calvary.

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