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International Tuition and Administration Fees


International tuition rates and administration fees

  • $250 non-refundable administration fee

  • $950.00 per month for integration with Canadian Christian children in a classroom setting for English educational experience as per grade level (auditing a class only).  Minimum two months to maximum six months.

  • $10000.00 for an academic educational experience as per grade level – 10 months.  Formal reports and a certificate will be provided.


The above fees include English as a Second Language support in place of French instruction. 


If students extend their stay beyond six months, they will pay the tuition fee difference between the academic rate and the audit rate.


NOTE:  Not included in the above fees are:

  • the cost of uniforms

  • student’s school supplies

  • activity costs (including school field trips, pizza days and other special events)


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